Friday, April 16, 2010

Embarrasing Behavoir

So I recently was asked by my Primary President that I stop giving treats to the children on VIP Sunday. VIP Sunday is a positive reinforcement tactic I use for good behavior. My response was defensive and dare I say confrontational. I was having a particularly bad day and after that a bad moment. Let this be a public warning to anyone in the coming years that I will serve under in the church. I am volatile. However I do try to walk away digest and reassess. Which I did and I support my president 100%. We came to a compromise that is obedient and even better perhaps. I see that the task before her is no easy burden to bear. I am actually excited thanks to Gretchen, my ever loyal and tactfully honest, friend who lets me rant and rave even thought I'm usually over dramatic, I see now what the Lord is trying to accomplish. How can we expect the children to listen to the Spirit when they can't even hear it over the sound of candy wrappers. As a convert I was surprised to find out there are no longer lessons for the missionaries to use. It's all done completely by the Spirit. This ultimately forces the missionaries to be better, the parents to work harder. And the great this is they are. They are doing astoundingly well. And as teachers this gives us the opportunity to to be obedient.

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