Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Post: Boot Camps Over...Now What...HCG and Bri

So it's Tuesday and I really like updating on Tuesdays and so I thought I would put myself out there and let everyone know I am trying HCG. I know several people...I won't name names that did HCG and kept it off. Better yet they did it a year ago and have kept it off. Now with the boot camp I lost about 5lbs, a ton of inches, gained the motivation to get up 5 days a week and workout. However, I need help with my eating habits. On top of that I have a thyroid issue working against me. Instead of going into a whole bunch of crap about my thyroid I'll just say it's huge and malfunctions most of the time. So the HCG diet advertises that it helps stabilize a thyroid as well.

Taking all these things into account I tried HCG back at a very stressful time in my life. I did good the first week and lost 3 lbs. After that the crap hit the fan and food was my bff and I loved it and stroked it and called it George. Ahem back to the rant ... My husband on the other hand kept it up and lost like 20 lbs. Did I mention I hate him sometimes.

Here I am on Day one of my new HCG diet and hopefully I will be held accountable. I will post every Tuesdsay. But the short bursts of rants will be on my twitter and facebook. If you'd like to follow click the badges to the right. I friend everyone and follow back. HCG and Bri...friend of foe?


  1. Nice, now that it's spring-ish (snowed again yesterday) I feel like a bloated, dead sloth. Got to get my butt in motion again. Good luck on this venture.

  2. You know a death sloth technically can't feel right? LOL It's spring sun shiny here and nice. Very motivating.