Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Writer Wednesday: As An Author I Where Many Hats

Today I'll discuss (really I'm just gonna rant) that if authors want to make money, build a platform, or be successful in this industry they have to do more than WRITE.

Here is a list of some of the things I do in this industry.

Disclaimer: I also am a mother, wife, friend, smartypantsdiva, sister, basically if it's female and sassy I've tried it or I'm doing it.

  • I'm an author first and foremost. With two digital shorts out Caffe' Seduzione and Familial Witch already out and getting amazing reviews I now have the wonderful opportunity to follow those stories up with sequels in novel form. I've also contributed to two anthologys with some other wonderful authors entitled Blood Bound and Intrigue. I'm finishing up final edits of my novel Glazier that releases at the end of May and writing the sequel to Cafe' Seduzione entitled, A Mafia Seduzione.
  • I'm an editor. Every author will spend more time editing than writing. There's a great quote and I'm sorry I don't know who said it but here it is "There's no great writer only great rewriters."
  • I'm an advertiser. I handle not only my own linkedin, Twitter and Facebook accounts I contribute to the Twitter and Facebook accounts of Astraea Press one of my publishers.
  • I am a blogger. I write and manage my own blog as well as one of my publishers Astraea Press.
  • I am a book reviewer. I review books, interview and feature authors and novels on my blog. And because I just love hats I am now a reviewer for Romancing the Book as well.
  • Finally I am a supporter of other authors. I help my fellow Astraea Press authors and people that I now know on facebook and twitter. 
It's so much more than being an author. So those are my hats...what else do you do?


  1. you are "write", we writers are writing much more than our own works these days. the upside? we are getting the opportunity to interact with the larger writing community. insightful post.

  2. WOW! Bri! This is a great post. One of the questions I get asked alot is "How DO you fit writing in with all that you do?" I've never thought about it, really. Let's see....

    ~ I'm a mom to four kiddos with varying special needs;

    ~ I blog on two blogs one about all the 'gifts' with raising children with special needs (The Gift) and other one dealing with more serious issues we as a society don't always talk about or deal with (White Elephants)

    ~ I do book reviews/author interviews;

    ~ I also do interviews with musicians, artists and chefs.

    ~ I do guest posts/blogs for issues I cover on my blogs as well as those in my books;

    ~ I FB, Twitter, MySpace, and all those other fun social thingys;

    ~ I help support my fellow authors;

    Hmmm....I think that's all. LOL!


  3. @ Therese thanks...write that's a good one. Love it. I totally agree. I love the community we are a part of.

    @ Chynna...I can empathize with you in a way Chynna. I have a son with PTSD and 3 children with speech and muscle delays. We do it cause we have to and we love to. That's the answer I always give.