Thursday, September 29, 2011

Imagination Has It's Drawbacks

Often times authors receive ideas for books through dreams. It could be one event or even a person that spawns the creation of an epic series.

Take Twilight for instance, Stephanie Meyer simply had a dream of a beautiful boy with sparkling skin and classic features sitting in a meadow with an average girl. See what happened!!

Epic Series...

Then there is the down side. There are times where you have a dream and go WTH. These dreams should not be developed or thought too much into.

For example, last night I dreamed I was hanging with the Golden girls on their lanai. I was like "Are you guys really canceling the show? Do you know how many generations need you? And who put this hole in the drywall?" They looked on at me guiltily.

See what I mean. Crazy! LOL. Don't get me wrong I love the Golden Girls and watched them with my granny. But I'm not feeling any epic series developing from that.

So any crazy dreams for you lately?


  1. There is a line about the Golden Girls in my WIP. Gotta love Betty White.

  2. 1) Hah! I love this post. :)

    2) Hmm, well, Betty White is the only living Golden Girl. Maybe you could write about communing with deceased hollywood stars!

    ...Or not. *grins*

  3. I do love Betty White Julie.

    @Carrie I thought about that too but decided not. LOL