Saturday, March 17, 2012

Irish historical meets paranormal romance

 I'm pleased to introduce Diva Jeffersons as the guest post for St Patrick's Day. Also known to all those close to me as my wedding anniversary. I'm thrilled that an Irish novel release is featured on my blog today of all days! I'm Irish. I'm a romantic. And it never fells that some kind of Celtic influences all my books. Oh did I mention I combine paranormal and historical. Obviously, ya'll know I'm loving Diva right now.

Why did you combine historical romance with a touch of paranormal?

At first, paranormal elements were not found in To Love An Irishman. The original outline excluded instances involving ‘little girl’ and a suddenly appearing ‘rose’. All good stories evolve as writers put their ideas to paper. Sometimes we write the unexpected. Our characters guide the book and in a sense tell us what they want to happen. The most unlikely plot could literally appear from thin air.
            Since my novel takes place mostly in Ireland, I figured there is a lot of intrigue and mystery on the island. After all, some things happen for a reason, despite their magical influences. With love, there is possibility, and sometimes the main character needs a little push into the right direction. I realized my hero and heroine needed more than fate to bring them together. They needed a tiny miracle to show them what is more important in their lives. Not every feeling is conveyed through words alone. So, this is where the ‘little girl’ makes her appearance. She shows the characters what they are failing to see.
            As for the bloomed ‘rose’ over two bud’s sudden appearance, it is also a well-placed sign. During the time I spent researching my theme, I found a good omen in the ‘rose’. In rose lore, a rose over two buds represents secrecy. I wanted to dedicate the rose’s appearance in my story to Kathleen E. Woodiwiss’s memory, and to the inspiration she gave me through her novel A Rose In Winter, so I incorporated it in the plot. After all, what is more secret than a silent message?
Although, I will not reveal who the ‘little girl’ really is or the significance of the ‘rose’, I will tell you that they appear in the story unexpected and at times of great need.

Diva Jefferson ~ Historical Romance Author

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