Monday, April 23, 2012

How Jordan Davis Was Born

How Jordan Davis Was Born
Alyssa Lyons

I’m often asked where I got the idea for Jordan Ashley Davis and the series. The truth is both humorous and bizarre.

While living in Pittsburgh, my mother, who lived with us, died and was cremated. I hauled her ashes from Pittsburgh to Bern, Switzerland, and then back to Virginia.

About four years after she died, my sister and I got together in San Francisco, where she lived. My mother had always wanted her ashes scattered in front of the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange. Unfortunately, during the decade since she’d been there, the trees no longer existed. So, one day at three in the morning, my sister and I dressed in black, put camo on our faces, and headed for the gardens in front of City Hall with Mom’s ashes and trowels in hand.

Unlike Jordan, we escaped without arrest.

When I told some fellow authors about this adventure and they were laughing until they cried, Jordan Davis was born. I was ordered to write it or they would. Not going to happen. It was my story and I was going to tell it my way. Thus the Jordan Davis Mysteries was born, which I call chick mysteries or, “Murder She Wrote” in High Heels.

So what is a chick mystery? It’s an amateur sleuth who is young, hip and always finding a mystery to solve. While occasionally there is some blood, it isn’t overdone and usually happens off scene. However, when necessary Jordan will do what is needed to save her family and friends.

I’m also frequently asked how much of myself is in Jordan. My sense of humor is Jordan’s and Gray’s. I love plays on words, puns, and puzzles. Also, I’m a Jew living in Lynchburg, Virginia and married to a Methodist just as Jordan is. Like both Jordan and Gray, cats and dogs have been a part of my life from childhood. Where Jordan becomes a private investigator, I’ve worked for the CIA and been a lawyer, like Gray. Jordan is named after my oldest granddaughter, Jordan Ashley, because her best traits found their way into her character.

I’d like to think I have Jordan’s fearlessness and joie de vivre, although I don’t ride a motorcycle and am really not fond of funerals.

You can read about Jordan’s adventures in solving crime “Southern Style” in Last Wishes, Clubbed to Death, & Stabbed & Slabbed.

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Wow Alyssa you have started your own mystery subgenre. These sound really fun and interesting. You were in the CIA! Tarnation you really should "right what you know". Thank you so much for coming and hanging out on the blog. Please feel free to leave comments and questions below. Alyssa is great about responding. 

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