Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ladies and Lionesses:Part I

The best place to start is to define a lady and a lioness. Bare in mind these definitions are not up to Wikipedia or Webster standards. In fact, the better explanation would be “according to the gospel of Bri.” And like the gospel I’ll use stories and metaphors.

In today’s world a lady is someone who has or can at least execute the allusion of self confidence. She knows herself so well that during that big meeting today she wants to look her best. So she pulls out “the itfit”. The “itfit” is the outfit that is used as a weapon of mass confidence construction. When she wears it her shoulders are pulled back. Her chest ,no matter the size, is flattering. Her hips, legs, and stomach are amazing. In short, the whole outer package is stunning. Internally because of the boost from the itfit (she produces more of that hormone that makes you feel better but I don’t know what it’s called) she is prepared. She feels confident and is ready to tackle this meeting.

On the way to the office she stops for a latte’. When she walks in her stiletto gel insoled heels people give her second glances…especially men. A smile appears making her even more beautiful. It’s not that she craves male attention. She’s not a slut. It’s the admiration that makes her smile.

People in general want to be admired. Physical admiration is the easiest and usually the first and fastest way to receive this attention. A lady smiles back to her audience but is careful to walk a line of respectful appreciation. It’s a thin sway of the hips between inviting wanted and unwanted attention.

Our lady has made it to the office. As she approaches the conference, her assistant informs her of last minute issues. Because she is a lady she nods, listens, then consoles her upset assistant who has been freaking out all morning waiting for her to get there. You see our lady left her phone on vibrate and has missed the calls.

A quick trip to her office, a couple of sent emails, and a rechecking of data she is sure that it can be fixed. On her way to the boardroom her smile is no longer applied. In fact, an involuntary scowl has formed between her eyebrows. The same areas she applies that super expensive cream to every night to prevent wrinkles. She quickly relaxes the muscles. Nevertheless, a chill creeps up her spine causing the hairs on the back of her nape to stand. A ball of pressure settles in her gut making her uneasy. Before she opens the door to the conference room, she stops and recognizes the signs…sees them for what they are.


Make sure to tune in next Wednesday for Part II of Ladies and Lionesses


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