Friday, January 18, 2013

Facebook Graph Search is Great for Local Businesses

Facebook Graph Search is Great for Local Business

It is with the utmost excitement that I tell you how amazing that the new Facebook Graph Search can be a powerful tool for brick and mortar businesses, local businesses, and small business owners. I’m even more excited that all those likes you’ve been working your hind end off for on your Facebook business page are going to finally pay off with this feature.

You need to understand that the new Facebook Graph Search is powered by Likes and keywords. Just like keywords and reviews power Google or Yelp’s search engines. Where the Facebook Graph Search pulls it’s information is from your tribe! Your friends! Your Peeps Yo! And you can decide which peeps they are!

Say you go to you the Google search app on your phone or PC and you search for “coffee shop” Google will give the same answer based off SEO manipulation from the use of keywords in sites and blogs EVERYWHERE on the internet as well as taking into consideration GPS location if on a mobile device.

Now say you search for “coffee shop” within the new Facebook Graph Search. The Facebook Graph Search will use keywords and likes from within your friends on Facebook. The algarhythum will calculate from within your tribe the Likes they have hit on pages suggested by YOUR peeps                     

This has the potential to be AMAZING!

Take for example this screen shot I’ve done below. 

I’ve decided to use a Local Networking Group that I adore called Local Impact Zone as my area I concentrate my search.
1.  I searched for “liked coffee shops” within my friends in the LIZ Group. (using search phrases is a great part of this new search)
2.  Immediately the profiles of my friends popped up and I noticed a pattern in the first few. (You’ll also notice to the side you can control more elements like groups, gender, age etc for the search criteria)
3.  They each liked “The Perks of Life Coffee Shop” in Eagle.
4.  Well I’m near there so why not head on over. My friends like it!
(The blacked out area is blacked out for a reason. Don’t ask I’d have to kill ya.)

And just like that you have an example of how the new Facebook Graph Search can be beneficial to local brick and mortar businesses. I’ll be heading your way with more tips in a few days. Make sure to subscribe my email or text briclark to 90210 to get blog posts on your mobile phone.

Are you as excited as I am?

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