Friday, January 25, 2013

It Ain't About You A Writer's Verbal Vomit

Write what you don’t know


Have you ever listened to Adele? You know that beautiful girl with hips and awesome eyelashes and big hair from Europe. Anyways, I’m a huge fan. She’s amazing. Usually I just let her songs play while my mind wonders. In fact I have a whole Pandora Channel dedicated to her.

This morning as I was listening to “Turning Tables” I noticed some of her lyrics more so than usual. Then “Love Song” played and this one particular phrase popped out I won’t let you close enough to hurt me. I thought, “ Holy cow… some douche bag really put this girl through a lot.”

Then I had a “Woa Nelly” moment.

Perhaps she didn’t’ even write the song. Maybe she’s had anything but amazing and mutually amicable relationships (I know I’m wrong. The woman couldn’t be that good and not know the pain.) that ended on good terms.

Why would I stop and try and rationalize that it might not be her experience?
Because as an author I’m constantly fighting this stigma. Conversations like these seem to be popping up more and more. And because of the sass that I am I can’t help but respond…well sassylike.

Q: Is this person inspired by me?
A:I don’t know are you a witch from Slavatia too?I'm not sure how that's possible since I made up the entire realm and all it's sister realms.

Q:Why does it sound like he looks like me?
A: I don’t know. Do you have a reading problem. Honestly when I described his shoulders as broad and chiseled, I wasn’t thinking of your 5’5 beer bellied self?

Q: You call yourself a Christian. But you write about witches. Don't you feel like a hypocrite?
A: No...Lucky for you I am a Christian now and I quit carrying those brass knuckles I loved so much as  a teenager or you'd have a very wealthy dentist. 

The point is my dear readers as writers and creators we do that. 
We write.
We create.

If I write a story about a woman who has an affair on her jackass of a husband doesn’t mean my husband is a jackass or that I’m having an affair. It could of just been inspired by a really good Army Wives episode.

Instead of looking for drama and controversy outside the story enjoy what is already there in front of you. It's fiction. I've created for you to have fun with. And nothing more. 

So let’s have it authors…ever face these issues? I know you’ve at least been afraid of it. Has it kept you from writing or releasing a novel? Do tell ya'll...Please.

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  1. Definitely. I had a whole week or so of blogging that was just a bunch of ranting and raving--fiction mostly with possibly a hint of truth but you'd need a steam shovel to find it. People thought the strangest things. I said, "Hold up, folks. I'm a novelist. I write fiction. Try to believe that this is make-believe." Gah! :) I feel your pain. LOL.

  2. A: No...Lucky for you I am a Christian now and I quit carrying those brass knuckles I loved so much as a teenager or you'd have a very wealthy dentist.

    And as a Pagan with some wonderful Christian friends, I can say from the bottom of my heart that the world needs more Christians like you.

    But quite aside from that... I hear you. It's called "fiction" people. There's a reason for the term!

  3. I wonder why this misconception is so prevalent among non-writers. I've received some unusual reactions to my stories too (even sometimes to the topics I choose for my blog posts).

  4. in my fiction, I've (usually) freely acknowledged when a character was inspired by a real person ... and quickly added that my fictional dialog / actions in no way reflect what that real-life person might do or say (past, present or future).
    That said, I don't think I've had much pestering in this regard in my fiction.
    Over the many decades I wrote & published poetry, however, I encountered this a lot: people would read my work and then start asking questions like when did that happen? or this must have really hurt you a lot.