Sunday, April 28, 2013

Get yourself out there

Get yourself out there


[note: this article first appeared as part of the How to be a Good Writer series on the C.P. White Media Blog.]

Unless you have tried and failed at something, you might not get it. If you’ve never stood your ground even once and told people exactly what you’re thinking, you probably can’t relate to what I’m about to say. If you’ve never tried to create something truly personal, and then taken the huge risk of allowing people to see it, read it, experience it…then you can’t know how it feels. If you can’t look yourself in the mirror and say, “I have something to say,” and mean it, well, you probably don’t know what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about putting yourself out there; in this case as a writer. It might seem difficult to write a book, especially for those who never have, and it is. But it’s even more difficult to finish it and let it go. Out into the wild. Where people are free to love it or hate it. But I gotta tell you: it’s worth the risk. It is totally worth the risk.

Aaron Patterson and I released Airel a couple of springs ago. And then we re-released it last November, with a few improvements. And we have more improvements in store. That first release was the result of about a year’s worth of work. Yep. That much. and like I said, work on that series is ongoing. And as hard as the writing and editing and revising process sometimes is, it doesn’t compare to how difficult it can be emotionally to publish the Work—and allow people into what amounts to a very private inner sanctum: the imagination of the author.

It’s funny, too. I thought over time as I published more stories that it would be easier. But I still get nervous about releasing my work, whether it’s Airel or one of the many other things I’ve published. As I read through the comments and look at the reviews that are coming in on the Airel saga, I’m actually stunned. It’s crazy. And I have to take this moment to thank you, the fans, for everything: buying my writing, leaving awesomely honest reviews on Amazon, and most importantly lending me the support I need to continue writing. I could not do this without my admittedly modest (so far) collection of fans, so thank you. Here’s to more awesomeness going forward. And here’s to you getting your work out there, getting yourself out there. It’s big. And it’s worth it.

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