Saturday, June 4, 2011

Status Updates...I'm Sorry It Became An Addicton

This is a post apologizing for my overzealous Twitter and Facebook status updates and tweets. As an author it's essentially the cornerstone of your platform. You want to share your newest blog post, then you see another great post, contest or idea and you want to share it as well. Next thing you know you have like 18 posts. Now for me with several hundred friends I don't notice it if others do it. However, those that don't your updates dominate their news feed. For those that this happened to... I apologize. I'm over it. It won't happen again.


  1. I totally get what you're saying... because the same happened to me. I didn't realize until I ran into a friend in Target one day & she said "You're ALL over that..."-- AAACK!

    Maybe I should take a page from your book & post an apology too...

  2. So long as you're sharing outstanding articles we're the ravenous horde. Keep them coming.

  3. Do what you do best. If ya got something to say just come out say it. Some times I get to talking and hope my brain catches up. Keep posting.