Monday, March 18, 2013

Why Video Marketing Is Important To Any Business

OMB I'm so excited to bring in my girl Miranda Anita! She is a WSA (Women Speakers Association) member with me. Miranda and I met in Sept of 2012 at the California Women's Conference. She's a delight to have interview you and I appreciate her sharing her expertise with video marketing for entrepreneurs

Video marketing has come a long way in recent years. It is now the fastest growing advertising medium in the world and certainly the most effective. Since the advent of YouTube and other social video sites, we have seen an explosion in video, so much so that YouTube is now the second most searched site on the Internet. This started out as amusing clips and how-to videos but has quickly extended to being the most effective way to connect to people. Video marketing lets your audience see and hear you in ways other advertising just cannot match. You can showcase your products and services to your consumers in the most effective way.
With social media now consuming large amounts of people’s spare time, video marketing targets this trend perfectly. You can share your videos in any number of networks to attain the required level of online visibility. Videos for websites can quickly become viral and create huge exposure for your website or product. Another plus is that these videos will generally be online forever. So while there may be a spike in interest or hype at the beginning, a well-created video will still be viewed for years to come.  When representing yourself or own product, you must take a professional approach.

Video marketing on websites is at an all-time high also. Website video intros and outros are more common than not nowadays and by not having one a business can get left behind. Professional videos increase sales and traffic and can be used as customer support, saving your business valuable time answering customer help and support queries. Of course you want your customer to spend time on your website thus retaining visitors for a longer duration with professionally created impressive motion graphic videos. Customers can also get a great feel for your product or service with online video showcases. The possibilities are endless when it comes to video marketing!
Videos enable clients to powerfully communicate their purpose and the solutions they offer by connecting with their target audience. Video marketing is now the number one method of marketing online and using experts enables you to give your business the boost video marketing can offer. Engaging and professional, video professionals can work within your budget to find the perfect solution. Find a provider who offers all-inclusive with all features and benefits all rolled up in one. Ask your video production team if they offer:
1.     Free Pre-Shot Video List
2.     Free Tips on How to Look Your Best
3.     Free Royalty Music
4.     Free Sound Bites
5.     No Shipping Costs
6.     Free Director on Set
7.     Green Screen Technology
8.     Teleprompters
9.     Hired Talent
10. 72 hour turn around for post-production delivery.
The real questions needs to be can you afford not to do video marketing for your business?
Anita Miranda aka Miranda is a Video Strategist with a Master’s degree in Education and a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing.  As a retired Navy Veteran, she provides Red Carpet Academy tips to entrepreneurs who like the “DIY” method or prefer the Red Carpet Production Set.  She is the Creative Director of Media PRO Productions and her passion is her philanthropic mission Circle of Helping Hands, Advocating for Veterans, Women, and their Children.  You may reach Miranda at 1-877-605-6389 or


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  3. Video has become so influential. Small businesses often think they are too expensive to do and/or don't really see the value for them. Live action or motion graphic design is such a great way to tell any story.

  4. It does seem that users now prefer to see products and demonstrations before purchasing and Internet Video Marketing is a great way to connect with a possible customer. So many businesses have found success by clever advertising and the creation of attention grabbing video adverts has become an art form. For no matter what type of company a form of video marketing will bee needed to maximize the profits.

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  6. Video marketing is, indeed, important to any type of business. It has changed the way of traditional marketing. Though word-of-mouth and paper ads are still being used nowadays, you won’t be able to cope up with stiff competition, if you’re not going to use video marketing. You’ll certainly get left behind in the competition, and you’ll lose a great number of audience.
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  7. There is no doubt that video marketing is currently very important to quickly get to a wide range of consumers, but unfortunately a lot of entrepreneurs seem to underrate what professional video-clip can do and how much it can boost the sales. But I’m also 100% sure it will change during the next few years because numbers and market researches do no lie.

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