Thursday, June 9, 2011

Testify Thursday: I identify with Madea...and I am unashamed.

On more than one occasion I have been compared to Madea Simmons.

Now I'm sure if you have seen any of her movies or took the time to watch those trailers you are probably thinking, "How are we anything alike?" Believe me we are.

  • I have a tendency to talk down to people in a sarcastic demeaning manner. So does Madea.
  • She expects that if someone is stupid enough to mess with her they deserve the consequences of her reaction. So does Bri.
  • I've been in jail. So has Madea...Our mug shots are even similar...
  • Ain't no body messing with my family but me. Madea agrees but trumps me here. At one point she went into the mansion of a cousins whose husband was beating her and with chain saw in hand divided everything down the middle.
  • Finally...I myself have uttered these words after a woman stole my parking space outside the Big Kmart "Lord help me I'm about to rip the K and B off this Kmart."

So what do you think are Madea and I as similar as I imagine?


  1. Yup....that's all I can say...:)
    very cool post!

  2. LOL your comments are noted. Thanks

  3. You're both oddly shaped and obnoxious, so I'd say, yes!

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