Friday, June 10, 2011

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The Author

Hugh AaronHugh Aaron, a native of Worcester, Massachusetts, received a Liberal Arts degree in the Humanities at The University of Chicago. For three years as a Seabee he served in the South Pacific during WWII. He was CEO of his own plastics manufacturing business for 20 years before selling it to write full time. Several of his short stories have been published in national magazines and 18 of his essays on business management have appeared in The Wall Street Journal. He is the author of Business Not as Usual: How to Win Managing a Company through Hard and Easy Times. Currently he’s writing and producing plays.
His latest book is a short story collection, Stories From a Lifetime.
You can visit his website at or his blog at

The Novel

About Stories From a Lifetime

Stories from a LifetimeStories from a Lifetime carries readers through a widely diverse series of life’s peaks and valleys with poignant, clear-eyed vision and understanding that is only gradually gained across the course of a lifetime through endurance and honest appraisal of the emotional rollercoaster that we all ride.
These stories form a welcome, and increasingly rare, honest, grounded, and beautifully written collection that will touch nerves while sympathizing with what it means to be human.
Hugh Aaron delicately reveals the world through the innocent eyes of a young boy, through those of a soldier far from home during wartime, and those of a struggling businessman and faltering husband. He is unafraid to reveal panic beneath a fa├žade of success, the deep and hollow sadness that may exist in an outwardly happy marriage, the yearning we feel to make a break for freedom from the rat race, the unexpected emotional responses that shift lives far beyond the expected course of events.

The Review

Stories of a Lifetime was a different but intriguing read for me. A collection of short stories over the course of Mr. Aaron's life is crafted in the voice of each story. As he wrote a little here and there his technique and his voice grew and evolved. The flow of which movies you through the story. I initially was going to read at random places throughout but found that it sucked me in and then I continued consecutively instead. A truly remarkable talent for a short shorty series.

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