Friday, December 31, 2010

No Resolutions Here Just Goals....

I have never been one for "resolutions." and I was even a smoker. Never resolved to quit. Perhaps it's because I'm just too cocky-- whenever I think I need to change course I just do it. Perhaps I'm perfect....No I'm not that conceded. My mother has always said I have a strong sense of self and mind. However, it wasn't until meeting and speaking with a friend and colleague JT Debolt that I finally had a label (And I'm not one for labels. I have no problem labeling others...I'm southern duh. I don't like to be labeled.) He called me "a high altitude thinker."

High altitude thinkers are people that think beyond their fears and make a daily decision to change or "shift their momentum" toward the goals that they have. You can find out all about it on his blog just click his name.

So first things first GOALS....DREAMS...DESTINATIONS....DESIRES....doesn't matter what you call them you got to know where you are going. So a list of my goals for 2011.

1. I will write as many digital shorts as I can in 2011 beginning with Caffe' Seduzione with Stone House Ink and Familial Witch with Astrea Press. (Yes I have an additional publisher now but that's for another post.)

2.I will release Glazier the debut book in a series as well as The Awakening the novel that will wrap the Familial Witch Series.

3. I will read, review and support fellow authors without ulterior motives or the attitude of what's in if for me.

4. I will attend at least one writers conference or convention this year...perhaps two.

5. I will move into a place where I can have my own office space that is not my bed.

6. I will leave for a few days and go to a place where the only thing expected of me is to take care of my own basic needs and write to my hearts content without fear of interruption or expectations. A writer's retreat if you will.

7. I will laugh at anyone I can including myself.

What are your goals?


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