Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dear HCG....Yes This is a Dear John

Dear HCG,

I'm breaking up with you. Frankly it's not me it's you. I can't work out if I am with you. If I do I become angry, extremely cold, irritable, moody very weak and tired. I can do all that on my own without your help. While I know that you have had many successful relationships with others, men and woman both, we are simply not compatible. 

So on the advice of my husband I have decided to end this before I hurt you or someone else. I will continue to eat better and exercise 5x's a week as I have been. And when he said "You aren't fat anyways hun." I knew that he was right. I am smoking hot and nothing you can do will change his mind or mine. 




  1. Ha! Great DJ letter. Unpleasant side-effects I take?

  2. If you consider calling my hubby a special kind of idiot unpleasant I guess so. Lol