Tuesday, May 3, 2011

ATTENTION ATTENTION: The Belle Has Implemented Changes....

I ,Bri, the belle of Boise, has decided to implement some new scheduling on the blog. So shall it be written so shall it be done. Now to write it....

Bri Clark the Belle of Boise shares posts on the writing and publishing industry on Wednesdays, aka Writer Wednesdays. Thursdays are where she features her fiction writing skills. Right now there is a series called Gone Fishing about a 40 something woman and her adventures in dating and meeting guys on line. It's hilarious to say the least. On Fridays are book reviews and or author interviews of books she has read. If you are interested in her reviewing your book please reference the review tab on the page for info. Sunday's are Six Sentence Sunday's where she shares Six Sentences from one of her books. Now that's the planned schedule sometimes there will be days that extras are done. Thanks for viewing and supporting me.


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  1. Kudos on scheduling! Definitely know when to stop by now... and randomly too ;-)