Friday, May 27, 2011

The Great Jammy Adventure of The Flying Cowboy

Attention Jammy Adventurists! Your ticket to high adventure is right here within these pages-where you ll meet Noah and Jaden, the Flying Cowboy, Captain Bad Guy (who never wins) and you ll wonder why somebody hasn t invented a Get-Out-of-a-Jam Kit for real. This is a very unique hybrid coloring book-that the readers get to render however they want because-they get to color in most of the details. Perfect for kids; even better for adults, because the story is fantastic and short! Wow, what an idea.


Today we are doing it a little different at the blog. There will be no mention of vampires, romance, or damsels in distress. Actually I'm featuring a children's book. I purchased this book for my daughters 6 and 9. There were many aspects about this book that sets it apart from regular children's literature. First, it's the book that's okay to color in. Yes it's a book to read and a book to color in. Second the illustrations were just fun. my favorite was the purple spotted cows with grass in popcorn holders. They were a hoot. Then there is the story. It's truly an easy flowing read that celebrates the imagination in two adorable little boys.

About the Author 

Chris White is a stay at home dad with an overactive imagination. He s pretty sure that s more dangerous than pinto beans and extended camping trips. His boys are the inspiration behind the Great Jammy Adventures-an entire book can be written around five minutes of time spent with Noah and Jaden-oh, wait, that s precisely what this is.

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So what do you think of the concept of a children's book that's ok to color in?

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