Thursday, May 5, 2011

Why Won't J A Konrath Accept My Friend Request & Why Does The Facebook Machine Insist on Taunting Me About It

So let me start out with explaining who this guy is. He is like the supernova of self publishing success. A very good friend of mine has an almost obsessive following for the guy (honestly I think there may be a tat somewhere on his body of his face. You know who you are.) So I hear about him ALOT! Anyway if you want to find out more about him he is HERE.

Naturally after checking out his blog and seeing his success at marketing and not to mention he's a dang good writer I check him out on Facebook. The guy has like 4688 friends and get this we have 32 friends in common. Again naturally I send him a request.  Guess what he turned it down!!!

That doesn't really bother me it's the fact that everyday the Facebook friend suggestor engine taunts the piss out of me about it. Every time my page refreshes there is JA Konrath up in the right hand corner as not my friend. I counted one day of how many times the Facebook taunt master friend suggestor suggested JA. Now granted I am on facebook friend Aaron Patterson said one time "If Bri Clark wrote as much as she facebooked she'd blow us all out of the water." It was 19 times. That is friggin ridiculous! And there is no way to make it stop. For the first time ever I am not happy with Facebook. Curse you Facebook...curse you!


  1. Actually, you might be able to get rid of him. Hover your mouse over the suggestion and see if a little X appears on the right. Click on it if it does and they'll stop suggesting him.

  2. Val I love actually. I almost typed it but then decided not to cause I didn't want to sound like I was mocking you. Great advice though. Wouldn't you know it I know how to fix it and the bugger won't pop up.LOL

  3. The fact that my husband (who has no involvement in publishing) knows exactly who JA Konrath gives you an idea of how many times I've mentioned his name. And he doesn't want to be my FB friend, either. :(

  4. Facebook is weird with friends?! How many I have changes on my profile from one minute to the next! It's possible it's a glitch on fb and Joe never turned you down!

  5. I've never heard of this guy until now...

  6. @KC Well that makes me feel better about him not friending me...I think.

    @Conda I know Facebook is the Devil at times. LOL

    @ Veggie now you do. Thanks for looking

  7. If Joe's anything like me he's probably switching over to a Like page. SInce Facebook limits the number of friends you can have a Like page is the way to go. But Facebook doesn't promote "like" pages the same way it does the personal accounts. Facebook drives me crazy, but I guess it's a necessary evil.

  8. 5000 is the friend limit, so it I doubt it's personal. I'm turned down by any writer close to that number.

    1. Yeah I got that. Thanks for responding. I'm the same way now. Even though I'm no where close to 5k. I'm still selective about whom I'm connecting to. When I say that I mean spammers and people who aren't who they present themselves to be on FB.