Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Writer Wednesday: Book Trailers: I made it myself

So today we are talking about book trailers. I'm going to show you my first one.( It's a little sad.) You will also see my two newest ones. I will also provide you with a helpful post that pointed me in the write direction. Lets get started.

Book Trailer One

Book Trailer Two

Book Trailer Three

Elaina Lee the cover artist at Astraea Press is the one who taught me how to do book trailers. She also guest post, sharing her knowledge,  here.

So what do you think? In comparison to my first trailer and my recent I getting better?


  1. Very impressive. I enjoy looking at book videos. I think they are a great marketing tool.

    Glynis Smy (writer)

  2. sorry but I LOVE THE LITTLE GIRL !!!!! :-)

    the book trailers are well done too ....

  3. What aspects were you trying to improve on in the later trailers? I could give you more detailed feedback if desired, but I'd like to know what you were aiming for first.

  4. @Glynis..thanks so much. I love them too. I surf youtube checking them out.

    @Iris...I know isn't she a hoot. Thanks

    @Chrysoul...Oh thank you for the offer. I'm not really sure. I think it's like finding your own voice in writing I'm figuring it out.

  5. Trailer three is much more advanced than the first runs. Nice work.