Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday Sweets: Sezuzione is Italian for Seduction

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"She knew that their first meeting was by chance. It had been at her favorite coffee shop. She’d spilled hers on his expensive Italian shoes in her hurry to get lost in the latest romantic thriller. When she apologized, his smile was lopsided, like her brother’s. The rest of Antony, though, was sublime…the epitome of Italian masculinity. A professionally tailored suit fitted around his broad chest left little to the imagination.
She melted under the heat of his well-traveled brogue. Her blush enticed the Italian businessman because it made the cream of her skin fairer, bringing out auburn highlights in her hair. Before he could speak further, she excused herself. Not much later, he found her in her corner and ever so gently pushed her book down, his eyes meeting hers. He asked to join her." 

My Saturday Sweet come from my digital short Caffe' Seduzione. The sequel a full length novel comes out this year entitled Mafia Seduzione. Make sure to check back to Saturday Sweets for more delicacies.

Product Description

Antony is an Italian business man with conflicting upbringings...a child of a mafia don killed when he was an adolescent then the adopted child of hardworking Italian restaurant owners. When things don't go as easy as he likes he reverts back to family contacts to get what he wants and Antony wants Colleen.

Colleen is an average mother and wife living in Treasure Valley Idaho. Upon meeting a charming Antony Deluca in a coffee shop an emotional digital affair begins. However, Colleen's conscience intercedes and she ends communication with Antony. Then Colleen's husband produces a trip to Italy, Rome Italy. The very city Antony resides in.

Is it fate... or something more sinister bringing them together?


  1. You show a good sense of mystique.Yum pic, too!

  2. An interesting sample. What's the Italian going to say or do to her? Is he mad about his damaged shoes and about to demand restitution? Or is he going to seduce her first?

  3. Who doesn't love a hot Italian guy in a nice suit? If that doesn't light your fire, your wood's wet. Fun post

  4. I need a cream-filled, chocolate spiked cannoli now. LOL

  5. What Meg said. Oh, and the others, too.

  6. My, but he does sound yummy! Great description. I'd put down a book for him. :)

  7. @Kay Thanks you. I have this one in an anthology and its doing well.

    @Sherry Thanks for asking...I'll have to answer that for you.

    @Casea LOL...wood wet.

    @Hmmmm meg cannoli

    @I hear ya gunnar

    @Oh Jenna I created a book for him. ;) Going on two now.

  8. I love the pic. Very yum. And the sample was great. I loved how he pushed her book down to get her attention. Sigh, to have that happen in real life. Oh, wait, I'm married....