Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Writer Wednesday: Writing it's the B word.

No not that b word! But to some authors it's just as offensive. Business Yes my fair reader it is and today I will address it. Well not so much I will address rather I'll quote and link to a couple of very successful people in the industry who put it out there clear and concise.

Often I'm asked How are your books doing? or Are you doing well? Which are just cloaked questions that really are saying Are you making any money?

I'm great at deflection so I usually do that and leave the conversation without really answering but the asker thinking I'm doing great. Because really I am!

I'm still in my first year since I landed my first contract as a published author. By the end of 2011 I'll have nine publications to add to my platform, as well as a successful blog, four professional websites I review four, I contribute at Ravencraft's Romance Realm twice a month (that's a very new one), as well as being regularly sought after for a guest poster on other blogs. And that's just what I do other than writing. To top it all off in less than a year after attending the Idaho Book Extravaganza (a conference I highly recommend) I will be participating now as a featured speaker.

But that's the business of writing right now. You are everywhere all the time. Marketing, networking, and writing those are the expectations set for authors.

To Quote Aaron Patterson Amazon best selling author and owner of Stone House/Stone Gate Ink from his Business of Writing blog post.

"As I look around the book world I see a business. The authors who sell a ton of books are themselves marketing crazy people or have someone who is being crazy on their behalf."

And Literary Agent Jessica Faust, of BookEnds, LLC said it stone cold clear in her Building a Career post.

"As an entrepreneur I'm frequently asked for advice about starting a new business, and there's one thing I always say, "Give it five years." A new business is a tough thing to start. It takes time, commitment, energy, and frequently lots of work for little to no pay. Guess what? Starting up a writing career is no different. In fact, starting a writing career is the same thing. It's starting a new business, and to truly succeed you need to give it time."

So what are your thoughts on your writing career

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