Sunday, October 16, 2011

Life and It's Lemons

Today in the church parking lot my van crapped the bed. By the time we got it home it had a rainbow trail free flowing and the engine was smoking more than an ashqueen.

I bought this van in cash I had saved for a while. It was from a dealership. A small one. Bought as is in February! A 2001 Ford Windstar it only had 93k and was one of the nicer cars I've owned in 3 years. Haggled a little paid cash and here I am 6 months later.

Do they owe me anything?Legally, they don't. Lemon Law says 90 days.

What can I do? A lot. I've took a video of my van. I'm going to show it to them and see if they feel bad or if they try to help. If I walk away unsatisfied. I'll make sure to tell everyone I know to avoid them.

Have you seen my FB friends or my twitter following?

But seriously I wouldn't want anyone else to have this experience. But I'm also not out to smear a name. So I'll give them a chance first.

Tell me what would you do?

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