Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In 6 months I'll be 30

How did this happen?

I just got done nailing down my 20s!

I'm really good at being in my 20's!

Do you know how obnoxious I've been to my older friends?

These are some of the things that's race through my mind as April approaches. I may be 29 but truly if you've read my bio, know me in person or online you know I've lived the life of a 40+ woman.

What I know so far....

I'm done having kids. 2 teen boys. 2 girls in school full time I'm done.

I've been married for 12 years and I don't just love my husband I NEED him and it feels good.

I'm friends with my granny and my moma. We listen to each other and it's fun.

I love my life, my jobs, colleagues, church, home, car, family friends. I'm truly content.

I can live like a king on $3000 a month. For a family of 6 that's showing some mad skill. Not to mention at one time I made $12,000 a month and it still wasn't enough.

What I don't know...

What is going on with my skin?

Will I always have this much energy?

Will I get to travel like I want to?

Am I going to get lung cancer from those 2 packs a day for six years?

Why are all the girls my sons date scared of me?

How is it possible I can look at a tiny newborn baby and not go awe? Instead I look at the mom, say a prayer and Thank God I'm done.

That's my 30 rant. What age did you freak out over?


  1. I'm 32 and haven't freaked out yet. :) Maybe next year. :P

  2. I will trade places with you in a heartbeat. In February my hubby whom I love dearly will be 60 and in September I will be 45. Between us we have 5 children (21 through 41) and 6 grandchildren (9 months through 14) and the various in-laws that come with children who marry, divorce and remarry. Add to that the aging of our parents and siblings. The years are flying by so quickly I barely have time to enjoy them. Just breathe and experience every moment of the ride. If not you end up regretting all of the things you missed because you were worrying about what was coming.

  3. I'm 32 on Saturday! I've still got a bit of energy - hope you can keep yours up! :-)

  4. I've yet to freak out and I'm long past my 30s and 40s.

    I still have my stamina, despite the fact that parts of me are splintering off into their own nation-states.

    My favorite age was 42. Nothing stopped me that year. :) Enjoy the ride!

  5. Liz you're my hope! Woa Patti that's a lot of family girl. I hope so to Deniz. Maria I'm not even thinking past 30. But I'll remember this for ten.