Sunday, November 27, 2011

Time Well Spent

Today is the last day with Granny. I love my granny and so does my family. She hasn't been out to see us in four years. It's been that long since we celebrated a holiday with her either.

In the seven days she's been with us we had Thanksgiving dinner, went to lunch for her birthday (its in Dec) and had Christmas morning with her. It's been kind of busy since she's been here doing all the shopping and stuff. Then yesterday she had a bad night and was tired and lethargic all day.

Because of that we didn't go to church. Our family is very active in our religion and though granny doesn't attend our church she is supportive. However, I felt like it was important to just simply be with her today. She feels better, Sundays are always laid back, and it is her last day as she leaves first thing in the morning. There is a small twinge of guilt that I didn't attend but I love my Savior and he loves my granny. I can tell she's really happy we stayed and are just hanging out for the day.

What about you? Have you ever felt slightly guilty but then decided not to regret it?

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