Wednesday, January 18, 2012

While I cant black out my blog like Wikipedia or Google. I will support by not posting any new content on this day as I usually do. And I signed the petition. If you want to as well hit the Say no to SOPA below.



  1. Everyone has a right to their own point of view - but what about book piracy, which hurts small press authors and new authors even more than well known writers?

  2. As an Indie author I am right there with you Hywela. And I think regulation needs to happen but I want them to rethink this legislation. To quote my friend and colleague Elaina Lee "SOPA will be the end of blogging, at least for authors who promote other authors. It's breaks down to without the permission from the publisher, if you posted an excerpt, you're infringing on copyrights. Same with any images you post. And I know we ALL post images of movie stars. Those images are copyrighted, and not to us. They suspend or delete your blog without any notice to you and you have no way of appealing. I was informed of all this AFTER I was frustrated myself with some companies not supporting it. Now I'm not supporting it either, this isn't the answer. It's a scary way to completely control what we post and what we're able to read"

    I like what she shared and hope this helps.

  3. The awful thing is, there's every indication that SOPA won't stop piracy! The pirates will avoid being caught.