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As my guest today I'd like to introduce Empi Baryeh. She's a long time reader but new author. She like so many of us ie authors shares her experience of going from a hobbyist to a professional writer. I have to say her bio and personality really pulled me into this piece and made me want to read her book. I'd say with that impression she's doing amazing in her new endeavors as a professional. See for yourself. 


Someone once asked me what things I’ve learned as an author that you didn't know when I started out with my writing. I thought that was an interesting question and a topic I’d definitely like to blog on. I’ll turn it around slightly and talk about the difference between writing for fun and writing as a career.

I started writing around the age of thirteen, so there was a lot of learning for me to do, and even as recently as four or five years ago when I started pursuing publication – and in fact before I actually signed a contract – writing was simply a hobby. If I didn’t feel like writing, it wasn’t a huge deal. There were stretches of time that I wasn’t putting too much effort into writing, when I easily allowed life to encroach on writing. I have to admit, though, it was nice to write for a small audience of friends…much safer. 

But I’d always wanted to turn writing from a hobby into a career, and suddenly I had to develop blurbs, synopses and query letters. Then, of course, there’s promotion, which is a vital tool for any author, even the big name ones. That meant I now had to worry about—ahem, expect—reviews from reader who knew nothing about me other than a two paragraph author bio in the book.

Though, I’d taken up blogging long before signing my first contract, that first sale meant blogging had become serious business. Blog topics had to be better thought-out, and I couldn’t let two weeks go by without at least one post.

But most importantly, there’s now a need to be more systematic in my writing habits with a little more plotting incorporated into my pantsing ways. That means I worry more when my muse decides to take vacation or when other aspects of my life make me spend less time writing than I’d like.

But I plod on as I continue to aspire to the day when my passport states novelist under “occupation.”
Author Bio

Empi Baryeh is an author of heart-warming, sweet and sensual African and Interracial romance. She lives in the city of Accra in Ghana, where most of her stories are set. She speaks French and a teensy bit of Spanish.
Her debut novel, Most Eligible Bachelor, came out in February and is available from Evernight Publishing and other online book retailers. Chancing Faith is her second novel, which comes out in Print and eBook on 31st March, 2012.
Visit Empi Online:


He didn’t do short-term relationships…
American ad exec, Thane Aleksander, doesn’t date co-workers either—until business takes him to Ghana, West Africa, and he meets Naaki. Now he’s at risk of breaking all the rules. Can he stop this headlong fall before it’s too late?
Until he met her!
Naaki Tabika has a burning need to prove, to herself and others, that she’s more than wife and mother material. To do so, she’s prepared to give up everything for her job. Meeting Thane, however, makes her want to get personal. But falling for her boss could destroy her career. Will she be willing to risk it all for the one thing that can make her truly happy?
Two divergent cultures, two different races, two career-driven professionals, only one chance at true love—will they find the faith to take it, or will their hearts be sacrificed on the altar of financial success?

Thane knew he was in for it now. He could hardly believe he’d really done it…
He’d kissed Naaki. Kissed her! What the hell was he thinking? Thane tossed his jacket aside and yanked off his tie. Of all the stupid
Raking his fingers through his hair, he muttered a curse. The urge to hit something assaulted him with a force that should have surprised him. The perfect punching bag would have been his own body, since it was apparent that he needed to pound some sense into his skull. Right now, the only thing pounding was his heart as it threatened to burst out of his chest, throbbing partly out of anger but mostly from his pulsing desire.
Damned if he didn’t still want her in his arms. She made him feel like a teenager—and not in a good way. Vulnerable wasn’t a desired state of mind as far as he was concerned. He sat down with the adjoining door in full view, still unable to comprehend how he’d dropped his guard. How he seemed so willing to let down his defenses around her.
He’d panicked in the elevator, allowed himself to be captivated. He’d worried about her, touched her as if he cared. She’d kissed him back, moaned against his lips and his knees had gone weak. He could have made love to her right there in the lobby. He could care about her, and caring was the last thing he could afford to do.
Dammit. Naaki wasn’t a woman you got involved with on a whim. He needed, at all cost, to avoid her—the woman who’d so easily brought him to his knees, who’d caused his body to come alive and made him want—
Just want.
Chancing Faith is available for pre-order at the following sites:
*Look out for Chancing Faith on Amazon and other online booksellers from 31st March.
*Buy Most Eligible Bachelor at: Evernight Publishing

Empi is giving away a free ebook each week for her blog tour. All you have to do is leave a comment. Each blog you comment on gives you one vote, so the more blogs you comment on the greater your chances of winning. At the end of each week, Empi will select one lucky winner. The prize is the winner’s choice of an ebook copy of either Most Eligible Bachelor or Chancing Faith.


  1. Hi Bri. Thanks for hosting me on your blog this lovely day :-). Looking forward to meeting your readers

    1. Thank you for coming Empi. You are an exceptional author. Good Luck

  2. This was a great post. I know that my life has changed dramatically after signing that first contract and as Empi says, one has to be more purposeful in how and when you write. I'm still waiting for the day when I can actually make enough money on royalties to quit my day job, though ... and that 'ain't' happening soon enough.

    1. Tracy, thanks for stopping by. We all aspired to that day when we're making enough from writing to do only that. Wouldn't it be great!

    2. Seriously! Waiting for the day too. But I'm glad to be where I am and I'm enjoying the journey.

  3. Love this post, Empi! It's so exciting to actually go from being a writer to a published author.

    1. Leslie, yes! now I have an answer when anyone asks what book have you written? or are you published?

  4. Thanks to everyone who visited my guest post and commented. The winner has been announced on my blog. Here's a link: