Wednesday, April 11, 2012

An Indie Voyage

An Indie Voyage
by Nancy Popovich

Thanks Bri, for the opportunity to write a guest post on your website.

After reading the great posts already present, I rethought what would be appropriate for my contribution, but found myself with writer's block. Writer's block?  This is a virtually unheard of phenomenon for me while writing, my mind is always churning with ideas to forward the story.
But this was different. Perhaps something witty and tongue in cheek, something wise or even something intellectual would do the trick. Alas, no sudden inspiration. So, I decided to follow the advice the ubiquitous they give to write what you know.

Not long ago, I had no practical knowledge whatsoever regarding ebook publishing, indie or otherwise, other than the view from my Kindle as I read other people's books. A sharp learning curve from my initial "I can do that" to seeing my books on Amazon and Smashwords was climbed, step by step, sometimes well, sometimes not.

Four or five stories languished on my computer for almost ten years, and several more floated through my mind on a continual basis. Having gone the traditional route and able to paper a room with the rejections received (many other inquires never answered) I resigned myself to the fact that these stories would never see the light of day.

Two factors kick-started my renewed wish to publish the stories in which I believed. My husband was diagnosed as terminally ill, and my laptop became a permanent fixture in our great room. I had the perfect combination of time and un-encumbered access to my computer, then discovered the wondrous world of Smashwords. The possibility of self-publishing opened a new door.  

As anyone who has gone this route will confirm, it's not as simple as finishing your book, checking for typos and uploading to a website. Publishing a polished book acceptable to readers is not a solitary process. Beta readers, critiques, professional editing and a great cover are all crucial parts of the package. You become your own publisher and as well, publicist, which necessitates learning social media if you don't already. It's all part of the steep learning curve.

But the world of indie publishing is a generous one, and there is a wealth of expert writing and publishing advice freely available on the internet. You can subscribe to sites such as this one and learn more than you thought possible about the world of writing, marketing and building a platform. Who would have thought several years ago when I had my aha moment, that my latest book, Malice & Murder would have five-star ratings on Amazon. That alone makes the climb worthwhile, missteps included.

Malice & Murder is a tale of friendship, loyalty and a determined quest for a murderer. In the act of saving the life of his friend and fellow agent during an intelligence mission, Steven Hunter is badly injured by a bullet. When he surfaces, it is in a familiar childhood place where he sees his lifelong friend, Charlotte. There is a small wrinkle. Not only did their torrid affair end badly, she’s been dead for five years. Charlotte’s ghost asks for his help to find her murderer, but will he agree?

Bio of Nancy M. Popovich
                A native of Montreal, Nancy has lived and worked in Western Canada for over forty years. An author of fiction, mostly mystery/intrigue, the book that began the family dynasty upon which most of the books are based, is most accurately described as historic fiction, possibly even a love story.
            An artist, mostly of flora and fauna, Nancy has works in private collections in many places around the world.
            Nancy is an all-breed Dog Show Judge licensed through the Canadian Kennel Club, and has had the privilege of judging in many corners of the world, including Australia, Taiwan, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States.

Twitter:                                @NancyP48
Facebook:           Nancy.M.Popovich

Thank you ever so much for guesting and sharing your journey Nancy. I too have had similar experiences and I can say that I've found to not feel alone is a great comfort to many. Thanks again. 

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