Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ladies and Lionesses: Part II

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With that realization, she reinforces her lady camouflage and embraces her inner lioness. It is a general saying that a fool messes with a lioness protecting her young—for there is no more fearsome or intimidating creature. In society, the same knowledge applies. What really is a woman’s young? It is her offspring…her creation. Something she has invested her time, talents, energy, and emotions into. With that said, wouldn’t a project, a business, or even a fundraiser apply?
Yes, indeed.
The door opens and inside are six men ranging in age from midtwenties to late sixties all in varying shades of gray and black. Because saint’s forbid anyone wear anything with color and have a personality. Did I mention the “itfit” is a beautiful royal blue pencil skirt jacket combo with a daring red silk blouse underneath?
As usual, she is the only woman. Because the lioness knows how to interpret the reactions of others, she concludes all appreciate her appearance. Then they quickly hide it. The proper reaction is a warm welcoming smile, under laced with just a tad of steel. Don’t want to release the lioness just yet. They’ve heard the rumors. That’s why there are six of them and one of you.
Your welcome has caught them off guard. Your blue briefcase with silk zebra print interior makes them think you are oh so feminine and flighty. Shoulders and postures begin to relax. The first one being the man in the dark gray directly to the right of the window, after seeing him relax all follow suit.
That’s their leader. That’s your target.
A lioness uses all her talents to out maneuver an opponent. Her femininity is not a weakness. Her joy for colors is not a form of frippery. It’s simply just her. If someone decides to make false assumptions, it is more than fair to manipulate those misconceptions to her advantage.
Introductions are made and the meeting begins. She causes confusion because her outward beauty and grace conflict with the prowess, ambition, and intelligence she executed during the presentation.
However, it is now the end. She leaves offering them five minutes of privacy. Upon her return, the strategically hidden leader is now opposite her at the end table. His shoulders are back, he tries to hide his smile, his triumph. Already she knows that the answer is no. But upon seeing the narrowing, weary eyes of the other men it wasn’t unanimous.
It’s time for the lioness to make her appearance. She listens stoic and relaxed. Something that throws the leader off completely, after he expresses his concerns and their grievances about going forward. He thanks her for her time and begins to stand not even having the curtsey to let her reply. Well that’s not acceptable.
The lioness stands to her full height and insists they sit down. And oh yes she uses that tone of voice. You know the one that is a cross between a growl and a request. In a matter of minutes, she undermines every point that was made. Because that faithful assistant made sure, she was prepared. The lady will show her gratitude later. Because a lady takes care of her own and their loyalty is the best investment.
Visibly uncomfortable and now aware that they are facing the “bitch of the boardroom” the men flounder. Scenting unsurety the lioness pounces with her most effective attack yet.
Having said her piece the lady begins to pack up. Again, they are floundering and can’t imagine she’s walking away from them! And she’s prepared to do just theat. Even though she’s invested so much into this deal she will always be willing to walk away. Because for a lioness no matter how much success she earns, how much respect she receives, she will always be “the bitch” and she doesn’t care. A lioness has to know when to let go of her creations.
A man on the other hand has his own emotions. The most prominent of which is reputation. He just can’t be known as the one the bitch walked away from. Because that is what the rumors will say and the lioness knows that.
Once again, the lioness manipulates all the resources around her. Even the use of her bad name.
Indulge your lady and embrace your lioness for the two aren’t mutually exclusive and don’t have to be.

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