Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Facebook Graph Search Great Marketing for Writers

Facebook Graph Search Great Marketing for Writers

Any author who is published on Amazon has learned that the all powerful, all known secret of tagging and agreed tags to get your book up in ranking keeps disappearing... then reappearing.

Will it continue?

Will it go away forever?

Hell if I know? I haven’t talked to Amazon. And frankly my mind doesn’t sit around whining about what I can’t control. I have looked at what has stayed and what’s to come.
You should be asking, “Why do I care if Facebook Likes are still on my book page on Amazon?”

Good question. And I have an answer. In fact I’m in the middle of an experiment and I’ll share my ideas and findings with you over the next few weeks.

But first…

You need to understand that the new Facebook Graph Search is powered by Likes and keywords. Just like tags and reviews power Amazon’s search algorithm. 

Where the Graph Search pulls it’s information is from your tribe! Your friends! Your Peeps Yo!

Let me share an example.
Say you go to the Google search app on your phone or PC and you search for “paranormal romance author.” Google will give the same answer based off SEO manipulation from the use of keywords in sites and blogs EVERYWHERE on the internet.

Now say you search for “paranormal romance author” within the new Facebook Graph Search. The Graph Search will use keywords and likes from within your friends on Facebook. The algarhythum will calculate from within your tribe the Likes they have hit on pages, on AMAZON, on websites, and then those pages keywords to help compile a list to choose from of the top paranormal romance authors suggested by YOUR peeps!

This has the potential to be AMAZING!

But there is a lot to test and digest. This is just my first post.

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Stay tuned for the next installment where you can leverage Facebook to get your books to stand out beyond an author page and profile.

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  1. Hoooooey! they keep changing the game & we gotta keep on our toes!! lol

    1. Yep Meg

      I'm trying to keep up and share anything I learn.

  2. Thanks for the insight and the heads up. Will surely await your next post!