Thursday, February 18, 2010

Installment 3 of The Small Apartment and the Big Family

This is the kids room. Now officially I had said in my first post I would work from one end of the apartment and work my way forward. So I just skipped the living room and office by going here. But it's my blog so whatever.
The first photo is Cindy and Chrissy's bunk. Cindy is on the bottom and has curtains all around her bunk. There used to be a bed wide curtain that ran the width of the two sets of beds but do to a 3/1 loss that curtain was took down for ease of room. I'm sure you guess who the one was she has the bed covered in curtains in the photo.
These are the boys bunks. Nothing really special. But they do have their own space that I will point out in a minute.

Ok so the girls each have their own dresser for their clothes and the tops for any special things they want. I keep their toys in a clear underbed storage thing under the bottom bunk. The boys have a walk in closet they share with cloth bins for their personal items and such. Boys and dressers don't do well. That was something we learned a long time ago. Jacob keeps his snowboard and boots under his bed. There is also a console table with drawers the boys use for things and we keep the ps2 and xbox and their little tv's on it. Now usually we wouldn't allow tv's in the bedroom but with space being an issue we had to. However there is no stations hooked up and simply removing the controllers keeps them from playing when we don't allow them to.
I just want to add since I wrote this blog and took these pictures things have changed. Each child that was on bottom is now on the top bunk of the opposite bed and vice versa. So the girls are now by the door and the boys are by the wall. Cindy is on the top bunk under the air vent. She made some lovely swirly things to hang from it that blow.

I felt like I had done all that I could to utilize the space they had and to also provide privacy as much as possible. However when they wanted to switch beds I didn't object because there is few choices that can be made in the room so what did it hurt and everyone was on board.

Now on to the bathroom which is bigger than the master.
I have on over the toilet cabinet thing with the cabinet thing ripped off. I keep walmart bags and toilet paper in the drawers. The ugly number 10 can is my homemade wipes. I have recently dressed those up some. We picked palm trees because it was cheap, nuetral and fun.
Over the door mesh bag is for the dirty laundry and an over the door hook rack is where they can each hang up their towels after use. Now this is the foyer/entry way right outside the bathroom. We were told that most tenants do not get all their deposit back because the carpets are dirty and cost $175 to clean. We used a books shelf and a bin in the closet for the girls shoes and are hoping to get all of ours. Well thats the latest. Any comments, questions or suggestions please let me know.

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