Monday, February 15, 2010

Installment 2 of the Apartment Series; The Kitchen Dining Room

This is a Gretchen Roberts original piece. This is a hanging pot rack that we made using a piece from Ross' clearance rack, some chains and S hooks from Lowes. By doing this I have eliminated the use of 3 cabinets for pots and pans and lids. Also enabling me to have an empty cupboard that Chrissy uses as a bedroom. As you can see here.

By placing the freezer on the deck we have saved a lot of space and although some of you are probably saying that is so redneck. I have heard that all my life there fore it has no effect on me. I see it as a smart and useful way of utilizing space and adding to my food storage. I may add another one. LOL

Also at the end of the deck is a "storage unit" I use the term loosely. But my totally wonderful husband, CC, added these L shelves to enable me to have a pantry. And it is great. However our building faces a very busy road and I can't tell you how many times I have almost went out to the pantry in my nightgown. I need to hang up a robe or something by that door.

This is the Laundry closet. It is located right smack dab in the middle of the kitchen. Just let me say I love it. Talk about utilizing time. I separate my laundry on the floor and when the buzzer sounds I switch it out. I fold on the dining room table or my bed. I hand up immediately. All things I did not do when it wasn't so convenient. Chris also added another shelf and rod above the one already there. This once again is hitting that whole “think vertical” attitude.
Here's a shot of the whole kitchen. Some little things that make our apartment standout tremendously are the kitchen knobs the owners added, the deep kitchen sinks and the faucet. All great little luxuries that have made our lives easier.

These are some shots of the dining room/pantry. Please excuse Chrissy who was eating lunch and felt the need to stand suddenly. Yes that is my coupon binder on the table and those are some of my spoils in the background. This set up is great and totally works. However as for looks it isn't so hot. Chris said he could put cabinet doors on the white cabinets and build another one like it with doors to match. However if we are here longer than our lease I may have him do that but for now it's about function and doors just seem like they would be in the way.

So that’s the kitchen and dining room of our little home on the pavement prairie. Next installment will be Living room office.



  1. Just wanted to tell you that I'm enjoying your blog. Simplifying your life and budget is so smart. By the way, I found your page through a link one of my old HS contacts posted on Facebook.

  2. Thanks "anonymous" It means alot. It's motivating to continue on.

  3. Great use of space. Sure hope you have locks on both the freezer and the storage unit. People seeing food stored there may invite themselves to it!

  4. I do have locks. Thank you for the suggestion. However we are on the second story and I had a friend mention that and I think my response was that if someone scaled a second story for what food I had they must need it worse than me. I would prob just give it to them.

  5. Way to go Bri - thats pretty awesome. My husband lost his job last year, and at times I've thought not having this house payment would be nice, but I couldn't imagine moving some place smaller (we are also currently in 2200sf, but I have a family of 9). Thanks for showing that it CAN be done. "If you buy it, it (storage space) will come". ;)