Thursday, February 11, 2010

What is the Worth of an Invisible Weight?

This is a little note to the Elders and Posse of Relief Society Sisters who helped us in some way with the move. Whether in the form of prayer, meals, thoughts, facebook comments, actually physical labor such as cleaning or moving or with just handing down some household items you didn’t use anymore. Thank you. There is a bit of a downside to the situation. We will not be receiving our deposit. They have their reasons and they are valid. I can’t help but put myself in their position and appreciate all the charity they gave us. Our deposit was low and they were always patient with us. So I thank them. I also know that the Lord always has provided for my family even when we didn’t know Him. So I have no negative thoughts about not receiving the money we needed and I felt entitled to. All I can seem to think about is organizing that pantry shelf that needs it, helping a sister, gathering art supplies for my girls and the most dominant thought is the joy at seeing that invisible weight being lifted from the back of my husband. Most people I can imagine couldn’t put a value on an invisible weight. But I can and its amount is $1000.00 dollars a month. However its value is infinintial.

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