Friday, February 19, 2010

Survey of the Week

This week has been very interesting for our family. My husband has not worked much however he also has shingles. And they are so bad that when he finally went to the doctor they said it would have to run it's course. It's very painful for him but he simply keeps of rowing. He has also decided to go to school to obtain a degree in criminal justice. This I am so very excited for him. He has also obtained all the funding as well.

I had my wisdom teeth removed and now I think I'm fighting a stomach bug thingy. Our oldest son has been a bit challenging. Being 16 and experiencing life's cruelest moments at an early age are part of his problem. It is hard on us as well. We want so badly for him to succeed and to not end up living under a bridge as Chris would say. He doesn't see that but perhaps some day he will. We just pray and get back to basics to keep our family on a straight path.

As we have prayed for others and for our own needs I can't help but be aware of the answers. Our landlords have 2 new tenants that will be moving in. They are truly honorable people who would give and give with no thought for themselves and so we have desired for them to have a full building of good reliable tenants. We have a single mother and her son moving in next door and a single lady moving in underneath us. And another woman has expressed interest in another unit down stairs. These things make me happy. Perhaps a unit full of women would give my huband and sons the opportunity to serve and care. Perhaps some lifelong friendships will be made as well. Or maybe we will here a broom being beat up from the downstairs cause we are being too loud. we shall see. Well my pain pill is kicking in and I have waited all day for this. Goodnight.


  1. My degree is in Criminal Justice....he'll love it! It's SO interesting!