Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Living Room/Office

Heres the latest addition of the tiny apartment. I have the apartment to a point that I am really happy with. Things are organized, functional and dare I say even pretty. I have another Gretchen original design idea with the living room area. The two bookshelveson the outside of the fireplace and tv offers the look of an entertaiment center. We have the media storage on one wall and on the other books and art supply type stuff. Something I did was give a bookshelf per child for their personal books and special things.

There is something else I can't stress enough. If you run across a console /sofa table get it! I have had the  two I have for like 3 years. I never keep anything!! My family will tell you. You can do so much with them. Such as the storage I have in the one above behind the couch.
We have a couch and chair. What more do you need.

Here is the office area. It worked out well and it also feels fluid.

So theres the office living room. I'm very happy with it. I aspire to organize and get my 3 storage units loolking good and functional.And the fun part will be I will have great before pictures.


  1. You have really used your space well. We're away this weekend for a little retreat with only one child. I am enjoying this small appartment so much. I wish I could convince my DH that we could do this too.

    No longer annonymous,

  2. Tracy,
    Glad to have a name now. I am assuming what DH means. I have to say that having your husband be on board is really key to the hole thing. Mine was supportive but practical. He has a lot of tools that he has to keep for his business. We do construction. So we have a storage unit. It really came down to the dollar. When he saw that our bills went down to $1100.00 a month including the storage fees he was really really happy and relieved. We paid $1100 a month just in rent in our old house. It also helps if you put a time limit on it. We originally said 15 months however now that he has started school I figure it will be until that is through. So just over 2 years. I'm okay with that too. I know he would have never had the courage to even try and get the $ for school if we were in any other situation. And in the end we are going to be a closer family and in a much better financial situation. When we decide to by again a 3 bedroom two bath two car garage ranch is going to seem like a mansion. Thanks for the support.