Sunday, March 14, 2010

Newest Organization/Beautifying Challenge aka the Balcony

With the clocks springing forward it also puts me into a spring frame of mind. I really want to teach my daughters about how it is important to make your space no matter how little, how big, how rich or how poor you may be beautiful, enriching and comforting. All you need is creativity, imaginations and humility.


I'm working with about 60 square feet of space. I already have two folding black dorm room furniture vinyl chairs and an upright freezer in the space. At one end I have to access my fridge rater. So the plan is to use the planters that you can get from the dollar store that hang on window seals or railings and plant flower. I want to get some bigger decorative pots to put against the railing on the floor and a few hanging pots to hang from the roof area. I also plan on hanging two of those bamboo matchstick blinds as well. Only I will bring them in slightly so when they are down they don't block the light from the flowers. This will help with utility bills as well keeping it cooler in my home. I also would like to find some different outdoor furniture.

Creativity and Humility

I am not afraid to accept used things nor am I embarrassed to say "Hey anybody got these lying around?"

So I have several good friends who have already either loaned or gave me two hanging pots and two decorative planters. Price=free. I told my grandmother about how I was going to be working with the girls on this project and she offered to send the money for the seeds, dirt and little watering cans and accessories. Price=free. Now all I have left is the railing boxes and the outdoor furniture and the blinds. I saw where Big Lots had 72 inch blinds for 12 bucks a piece. I would need two of those so that would be $24.oo. I also need to purchase hanging hardware prob between 5-10 bucks as well. I am going to be watching the free part of craigslist to see if anyone is getting rid of patio furniture I could repurpose or just use as is. The important part of that being free. I'm also watching for a hand me down grill. That would be fantastic.

So that’s the plan. Obviously it's a work in progress and since my lovely construction, handyman, laid up and cant' work since he had surgery husband CC hasn't been working money is oh so tight. But I can dream and enjoy what I do have. Perhaps some of my friends will read this and a have a friend of a friend who is throwing something away and say hey I know someone who would love that. That's where the humility comes in. You can't have charity without a receiver. And some may label me as a mooch or a bum. But you know what when my lovely little paradise balcony is done I'm going to be feeling the same thing about those names as I always have totally uncaring.

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