Friday, November 19, 2010

My daughter's thinks she's a vampire...and I believe her."

My 6-year-old baby, Staina, thinks’ she is a vampire….and I believe her. She comes from a place called
vampire world. When asked the location of vampire world she said, “It’s beside heaven.” This has been going on for several months. She will say random things referencing her vampiric lineage. Like the time we waved at a passing police officer on a walk she says, “I love the powice.” (she has a speech impediment.)

“Why?” I ask.

“They recognize me from vampire world." She says. I smile and shake my head in understanding. It is especially fun when she is upset with me. Like the time I made her wear pants and not her usual capris because, it was 30 degrees outside. Staina says, “When my real mother comes from vampire world you’ll pay for this!” I smile and shake my head in understanding while I button her jeans.

When I have shared this with acquaintances and friends, I get mixed reactions. Those that know Staina simply laugh. Those that are a little narrower minded or who have not become accustomed to our unusual family say things like, “Vampires are evil. Where would a 6 year old learn about vampires anyway?” I put on my vindictive sweet southern belle smile and reply, “From her mother and older sister. I am a paranormal/fantasy writer. I do read my genre.” They walked away red faced.

I do wish they would have stayed and said what was on their minds because I had a great reply. It would have began with something like “Bless your heart you narrow minded…”

One person was brave enough to ask “Why do you encourage such thoughts and behavior?” I won't share my reply on here but I will share my thoughts.For the same reason you encourage a football player or ballerina. She is my daughter and I love her imagination.

I have become increasingly aggravated at adults nowadays. We as a society pound the imagination and creativity out of children at an earlier and earlier age, encouraging the acquisition of knowledge and facts instead. How about we strive for a balance of both, imagination is a necessity of a progressive society. Do you think it was written in a hidden book somewhere how to make penicillin? No. How do you think they capped the oil well in the Gulf coast? Right imagination, creativity, ideas. Get the point?

Therefore, I will go on encouraging my little vampire because we all cannot be ballerinas now can we. What does your child imagine they are?


  1. Hey Bri! Great post, and congratulations for encouraging your daughter's creativity. Doesn't really matter what the outside world thinks, and the fact that you shun their opinion is a powerful example to set for your bright young daughter! Congrats and keep up the great work!

  2. Hey JT, Thanks for the encouragement and for reading. You are MIGHTY fine.