Wednesday, November 24, 2010


2010 has a been a year of changes and uncertainty for my family.  However, my kids would say that uncertainty is the constant in our family. You know when you ask your kids what they want for Christmas and one says "A bed." Your heart breaks just a little.

Then you take a step back and take perspective. He didn't ask it out of malice or selfishness. All he asked for was a bed. One that he didn't have to put up under his sisters bed every morning. One that contains a frame that lifts him up off the floor. Really it doesn't seem like much. It's the space that the bed requires that is really what he is asking for.

Perhaps we will have a house in the new year. There are possibilities and feelers out there that this may be. For now we are thankful for what we have. We aren't in a homeless shelter or living in someone else's home. We have a beautiful apartment. It has heat, electricity, water. It's modern and beautiful.

There have been many lessons and many many blessings that came with the move to the apartment. My children have turned into readers. Without the distraction of cable tv they read more often than not. My girls play with toys that don't require batteries or charging. They play for hours fueled by the unlimited possibilities of their imagination. My husband, CC, got a job as the maintenance man of these apartments. His burdens were lifted tremendously with the move. So  the blessings abound. It's all about perspective.

I don't feel so bad about the bed request because right after he said that he said or a Bogus Basin season pass and smiled. While I'm sure a bed won't fit under the tree much less in the apartment and I'm not sure how presents will get under the tree this year. I believe in perspective. That's something I'm sure of. If the tree's bottom sits empty for this Christmas and all we have is each other. Really isn't that what we should be celebrating anyway.


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