Saturday, November 27, 2010

Seclusion can be inspiring...

Poster created by the uber talent of Ricky Ross

Sometimes you simply need to check out. Authors, artists, musicians and even you need to recluse yourself from the world at times. There are mutiple reasons for self induced reclusion. A person may need a break from stress, emotional turmoil or certain people in their lives. An artist may hide themselves away in a studio creating their latest peice of soulful inspiration. The next club stomping hit may be mixing away now as we speak by a muscician within the confines of their studio.

Then there is the author, the writer, the blogger and the poet, whatever you call them, they are all creaters. I remember when I wrote the first draft of my novel, Glazier. My day began at 4:30 AM. I walked 40 miles a week. I would get lost in my novel playlist. (I have a playlist of music for every novel I write.) The music of my iphone played out in my mind like the background music of my own personal movie. The theatre being my mind. I lived off peanut butter crackers and diet pepsi. I wrote close to 8 hours a day. If I wasn't writing I was reading.

The point is I almost completely checked out of my life. My husband became a single parent for a while. My grandparent's thought I had fell off the side of the earth. My friends and aquaintances thought I was a having a breakdown. Or an affair. The rumor kept changing.

I had no deadline except for the desperate need to know how it ended. Imagine what it's like for people with deadlines. When I finally surfaced a few months later I was happy. I had created something uniquely mine. With that being said I was hesitant of who I shared it with. Luckily I got over the nervous novel jitters pretty quick. My desire to share it with others overcame my fear of rejection. Any serious author knows about rejection.

You're not alone. We have all had them. Whether it was from the all too common query reject or a bad review. The sting is still the same. I have several creative friends, mostly other authors. Their silence is the fuel behind this post. It is also a warning for my own friends and family.

If an email is sent and I don't respond. I'm writing. If I post a status update on Facebook or Twitter and I don't respond to your comments. I'm watching my internal movie. If I post a blog and don't respond to your comments or likes. I'm creating. Take note that it's nothing personal. I'm not in a fetal position on the floor of my too small apartment. Niether am I in any other position with another man that isn't my husband. That was for those gossips from last time.

Keep this in mind if you have any friends that fall under this category. I'm sure they are simply creating as well. Have patience. The best part of having a part time reclusive friend is that you are one of the first to see their latest masterpiece. More often than not it's always worth it.I promise.



  1. This is so true.LOL My non writing friends who are voracious readers have been so patient with me. We have postponed dinner at least four times this year.

    Great post.

  2. you know that i understand. write girl write!