Friday, December 17, 2010

Every Woman Needs Romance...Even Crazy Irish Women....

 It's been 10 days since my last post....that is unacceptable. My sincerest apologies. In my desire to bring quality, entertaining and educational blogs I fell into the silence abyss.

 Let me set the stage for ya...
Here's what's playing on the Iphone on a perpetual loop...
Hiedi Newfield's Johnny and June
Christina Aguilera's Bound to you.

Why you ask? Because it's my date night and I have been pissed all freaking day!  

Here is how the anger kindled...(and in my husbands defense I am a crazy southern Irish woman, it does not take much).So I'm talking to my pawpaw and folding laundry while CC works on his school work and the little vampire watches Sesame Street. Then my iPhone beeps at me that I will have guests coming in an hour. As I hastily get off the phone I take a quick inventory....I stink, my hair is so slick that the Fanz would be jealous, the living room needs vacuuming and etc.

I quickly decide the essentials and then enlist my husband to vacuum. Here's how that played out...

Me "Hey my guest will be here in an hour and I still need to take a shower. Can you vacuum real quick?"

CC He looks up from his textbook.."You should have thought about that before you were chatting on the phone"

Me. (the temp she's arising) "I was speaking to my grandfather AND folding laundry."

He's moving toward the vacuum cleaner now.

CC "Well sometimes we should do our chores before we get on the phone?"  

 At this point all the blond dye as fell out of my hair only leaving the red of my Irish heritage because I am so furious, and I have the vacuum in my hand.

Me."Don't you dare touch that vacuum!"

He keeps moving...but with caution.

"Don't touch it!" I say.

He moves to his coat instead ,sets his bottle of water down and grabs his keys and books. I ask if he's leaving and he says yes but forgets his water. By this time I'm cooling. I grab his water and say hey do you want this as he is walking down the cement steps of our apartment. His gruff response is no.

The temperature rises again and for a split second I consider launching the bottle of water at the back of his head effectively knocking him out. Then I decide against it because I've never been one to attack an opponent from behind but really because it's date night and I figured that would put a damper on the evening.

As I vacuum my mind wandered as it often does while I clean. I considered that 6 years ago I would have just clocked him with that bottle of water. I was proud for a brief moment. Then I thought about how busy he is and how busy I am and how the epitome of each week is date night. That time with him is more sacred to me than anything else....Even more sacred than pride or anger.

So to self medicate I have listened to the new love songs that I have recently found over and over. There are is a set of lyrics in Christina Aguilera's song Bound to You that really stood out to me. I'm strong when I sure there's a fire in us.

Everything I write has romance in it and though my lead males are usually nothing like CC writing is strong when I'm sure there's a fire in us.


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  1. We all feel like launching water bottles once in a while. I'm proud of your self control. Enjoy date night! :)