Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Power of Senses

I had the great privilege of attending a talk by the multitalented Jason F Wright in November of 2008. He was speaking on the power of the hand written letter. While his words were poignant and true...and I agree with him in every way...the same potential for power hold true in other sources I believe.

Here are some examples for me...

 Music: The careful combination of strings by the guitarist, the skillful ambidextrous movement of the drummer, the tickling of the black and white ivories of the pianist coupled with the lyrics that a talented vocalist harmonized together to create music has the potential to enrage, sadden, empower, impassion or calm me. As an author I find music in the background to be a necessity for writing.

Pictures: Photographs, book covers and art any kind of sight enjoying piece is a picture for me. Pictures are the physical ability to conjure up recollections of memories, joys, triumphs or defeats. The power of sight is so strong, as strong as hearing, that once spotted the thoughts can appear without warning. As an author a book jacket is essential. While I often don't even have anything in mind for a novel I am confident that I will know what the dressing is that I require for my book when I see it.

Words: Awww...just the letters of word make me sigh with pleasure. As an author this is my euphoria on earth. Words can do what music and pictures do and more. Here is what words have done for me tonight. Lately I have been dealing with personal struggles, doubts and frustrations. I believe that for every situation that there are appropriate people that are in your life to help you. Most times this is a spouse, but other times it could be a colleague, a close friend or a relative, perhaps even a all depends on the situation. Really don't you want someone who is qualified to help you?

My friend that I find myself turning to for sometimes even just a distraction from the doubts in the form of a laugh or even advice on a problem they are qualified for, hasn't had much time for me. And as the large silence of their nonreplies pile up the doubts intensify and the sadness creeps in. Are they ok? (I always start with this worry.) Am I bothering them? There are plenty more because I am neurotic like that.

Once I asked that question Am I bothering you? The response was one that brought me great comfort. It was simplistic and honest...probably not even something they thought much of as they typed. For me it's message and it's delivery are an ongoing comfort...stored away safely to call upon as needed.

What is it that does it for you Dear Reader?


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  1. hmmmm. this friend. i wonder who it is? ~ME