Friday, February 18, 2011

Being thin is not a good thing as an author... not at all.

In a world where being thin, thinner or thinnest is the motivating factor to breathe I love saying that "Being too thin is indeed a negative if not detrimental thing to an author."

How was this discovery made...that's as sweet as the statement. So I'm having conversation with bff G. G is probably more aware of my daily life than my husband is. It went a little something like this.

G:"Bri I've been praying about you and thinking about you lately..." (Yes my friend really prays for me. Believe me much prayer is needed to be my friend.)

B:"So what are you getting at?"

G: "I think you may be spreading yourself a little too thin with all these projects your taking on."

B: "Who me... no way!"

G: "No really sweetie..(when she dropped the "s word indicating that she is indeed older and so much more smarter and wiser than me not to mention cuter I knew she was serious) you want so much to be successful in your writing career I think you are taking on too much. Somewhere something is going to end up being neglected."

B: "But I can do it! I'm super!"

G. Yes sweetie I know (insert coddling voice like she is talking to a child) OK. Humor me and name everything you did yesterday.

B: (I was super excited to do this because I considered yesterday to be a very productive day compared to my others.) 5 AM...Walked 3 miles, yoga, social networking,read, editing 2 chapters of ms, taught daughter 5 letter sounds, set up calendar for to do lists, book reviews and writing obligations, social networking, blog, blog, blog, emailed, emailed, emailed, Lunch, set up meeting for next day where I'm helping a friend by doing some collaboration work, contacted three people to feature on my Examiner article, laundry, 3 loads of dishes in the dishwasher, social networking, skype call, email, email, email, blog, blog, blog, laundry, snack for kids, dinner for kids, piano, cookie run to local store because Lord knows I'm not baking, social media, church meeting, visit with friend, saw my husband just before bed and one of my kids. Sleep by 11pm.

G: "So you see what I'm talking about!"

B:"You"re right I should have never got those cookies. LOL"

Seriously people that was a totally everything fell into place awesome kind of day. That's not going to be the norm. My every actually really Super friend G put it to me like it is. I'm going to have to not take on more than I can chew. I honestly think I can make the commitments I've made work. Just a word of advice to other authors. Be selective and tactile in your projects. Remember you can't market crap no matter how pretty the package.

So have you ever been spread too thin?


  1. I think I know G. She is a very wise woman. :)

  2. She's right. You must get rid of the housecleaning and laundry!

    But to be successful, you need to be productive. That does sound like a very productive day. just make sure you include some days that are your lazy do nothing days too, where you allow yourself to play some Family Feud on Facebook and read a trashy romance novel.

  3. Christine, Today is a lazy day. LOL. I'm def making time for them.