Sunday, February 20, 2011

Signifigant Sunday...Taking A Day Off...But Holy Cow I Have a Deadline

As I look out my big bay window at the piling snow and the beauty it's creating I consider the fact that if we still lived in TN where we had to drive 30 minutes to get to church. It would be canceled. Admittedly it's an inviting thought to stay home. It's warm, the house always needs something done and I'm at least 4 chapters behind on my editing goals. If church was canceled I would most likely be able to catch up everything! Alas we live a block from our church in Idaho where snow is a seasonal thing and therefore they are prepared. 

Taking all those things into perspective I pose the question I know you are thinking. "Why are you blogging about editing when you could be doing it now?" I have decided now that writing is apparently my career or job choice if you will that I will refrain from working on Sunday. You have no idea the amount of panic deciding to do that has created. I'm over it now. For years I have counseled my husband not to work on exercise the faith that God has promised to those who are obedient to this commandment. Wow... boy is it harder to do when you are the one who should be doing it. Now do not think that I am judging or even counseling anyone else to do this. It's easier to make this decision when you are self employed.  And in theory if you work outside the home you would get a couple days off a week right? So I will take at least one.

What I won't do on Sunday...

  • No shopping
  • Don't participate in commercial activities like sports etc. 
 (By not doing these I won't be making people work for me on Sundays)
OK those you who know me know that I already don't do these things. Still I think I deserve a little credit. 

  • Not to post marketing posts on Facebook, Twitter or my Blog
  • Not to write, edit or even plot! (OK so I'll plot but I won't write it down till Monday)

The things that I will do on Sunday....

  • Attend all my church meetings (Yeah Yeah...I deserve credit anyway!)
  • Read leisurely.
  • Study my scriptures and delight in the words I read.
  • Serve my family and others.
  • Plan my week out such as meals, appointments etc so I can use my time wisely.
  • Have a night where we as a family will stay in and do something just as a family.
  • NAP!!!!
  •  Write my Significant Sunday posts
  • Try to make at least one made from scratch meal for my family. (This one is last for a reason.)

While I will most likely do laundry, dishes or clean a little and some might count that as work I'll just file that under serving my family. 

Do you have a day or time that is sacred to you and your family? If so when and why?


  1. Hi Bri

    I just want to say that I love your blog and I'm a new follower^^

    Your doing a great job:-)


  2. Hi there Rose,

    Thanks for following. I look forward to more of your comments.