Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Jesus Broke...Now I Can't Write...The Excuses Never Cease....

My beloved Christ picture broke...
It's my husbands fault...
How can I write in this emotionally charged atmosphere?

In the span of four days this is where my life was. Hubba hubby is in a wreck. A young woman tboned our family paid for mini van, totaling it, he was injured, missed work, we moved from an apartment to a house. While this is going on we still had church,basketball games and practices, chess club,piano etc. Needless to say life continued. On top of all that I had two writing deadlines.

First I'll start with the internal deadline. That deadline of the Internet doesn't come on until Thursday so I have until then to unpack, organize and decorate my big new house, seemed totally reasonable at the time. Did I ever mention I'm slightly neurotic?

So I'm pass the organizing and unpacking stage and now I'm into the decorating stage. This is the constant rant I'm hearing in the background, "No holes in the walls, don't mess up the hardwood, no holes in the walls, don't mess up the hardwood!" via my construction veteran husband hubba hubby. Did I mention he's totally neurotic. He can't help it he's a Yankee.

So I go and spend an obscene amount of money on damage free hanging hooks etc. I follow the directions precisely then hang my beloved Jesus picture. A picture I got 8 years ago and have moved over thousands and thousands of miles...and when we move less than a mile away it simply just falls off the wall shattering the glass!

For a brief second I regretted giving up my brass knuckles when I got put on probation that one time. I looked at hubba hubby and screamed "This is your fault!" Then promptly began picking up glass and crying. Jesus was placed in the garage and I was quiet. Quiet all through the car ride to the guitar recital, there and back. My thoughts were turning to how can I write with Jesus in the garage? That's the thing with excuses. You never run out.

So instead I long handed this post, broke the rest of the glass out of Jesus and hung him up anyway.Then got to cracking on the deadlines.

What excuses have you confronted when deadlines loom? How did you overcome them?


  1. I try never to have excuses...I have reasons. Like I'm never on the phone, I'm in a meeting. Most often these days it's been a case of "Sorry, I can't come to your party because I'll be writing."

  2. Great idea Kay. I think that's what it's going to have to come down too. You really have to look at it as a job. The flexibility can become a liability if you allow it.

  3. My biggest excuse is being too tired and not having the "creative mojo", but I force myself to write anyway and wow, the mojo magically returns. lol.

  4. How, awful, Bri! My excuse is always - my two year old, Cage, stuck my deadline work up his nose!!! Well...he sticks everything else up his nose, why not blame him for the deadline too:)

    I love the title BTW, My Jesus Broke! Got my attention!

  5. That muse one is a big one for me. It seems to want to poke up when I'm buried in edits.

  6. Thanks...I wanted to be careful too. Not blasphemous or anything. I learned that in a class on blogs, titles need to really motivate people to read.

  7. Lately I listen to the sound of them blowing right by.

  8. This is so funny! And kind of sad...sorry about your picture! :)

    I don't really go for excuses, more like delays. I should eat breakfast/lunch/snack before sitting down to write...um, there's laundry to do, right? Or, has anyone walked the dog? Wait a minute. I should paint my nails before typing for hours. I could go on... :)

  9. @ x...I don't follow.

    @ Rebecca...girl you are so in in my head. I'm a little afraid. LOL

  10. In college, I always had obstacles when writing papers and projects, most of which were self-imposed and used as an excuse to push off writing until the LAST possible minute. I often did well when writing at the last possible minute, but I enjoyed writing ahead of time and contemplating on my work before submitting.

  11. Thanks for sharing Ricky. I am usually a write when I feel the muse kind of girl and that has often led to just before deadlines. Luckily so far I've had success. I think you know what I mean like with your posters.

  12. It's always the kids for me. They need my attention. I have to go pick them up/drop them off/cook. I can't focus while they're up.

    It's true, to a point. But I waste a lot of time I could be writing when they are sleeping or at school.

  13. I have 8 excuses. I over come them by locking my door.