Sunday, February 13, 2011

Signifigant Sunday...The First of Many More....

Waking up this morning surfing Facebook and Twitter (like I do every morning) I saw how great the weather was back home, how great Saturday night was and a few ,as it often happens, that pulled at my heart strings. Yesterday I saw one that shared the turmoil a mother was enduring over the loss of an unborn child.  But it was this one that spawned the beginning of SignificantSunday.
"Taking the kids to see my Mom today for the last time! This is hard, however they seem fine."

I offered the customary...thinking of you...praying for you comfort comment. Then I stopped and thought of how many times had I really prayed when I said I would. The outcome is shameful to say the least. My prayers usually consisted of rushed thoughts as I went through my day. Taking that into consideration I decided today would be different and hopefully would spur a change. 

From now on when I say "I'm going to pray" for someone the definition will be different. It will consist of not just thoughts but folded hands, hidden knees and genuine heartfelt concern for those that need my love.  Even if my prayer must come later it's value I feel is more significant than a rushed mumbling of words. Now don't get me wrong a prayer in your heart and rushed mumbled words are heard as clearly as any other prayer. Nevertheless, for me...for my friends...I feel a change is in order...a change is deserved.

Whether your prayers are upon an alter, in a mosque, include candles or elaborate rituals the outcome is still the same. If you have a desire to uplift or comfort the afflictions of another or celebrate and praise in joy the blessings that surround the outcome is still the same.

The positivity through love that you have poured out into the universe is not only important, but powerful.

What will you do that's significant today?


  1. I have wondered if people really do pray for those they say they do. I think you've made a great commitment to do so. I will make sure that I am sincere as well. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for sharing Taylor. It's always a little daunting putting yourself out there. Your comment means a lot.