Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Debut Novels and Release Dates...As The Date Changes So Are The Days of Our Novels.

Wow I'm actually blogging about my debut novel and the fact that it's release date is being pushed back two months from March to May is on my mind. Now ya'll throttle down clean up the computer screen from all the liquid you spit on it when you read these totally shocking, ghastly words.

(Keep the towel cause you won't like what I'm going to say next.)

It was my choice. (Ducts for cover behind her desk)
Why after three years of edits, rewrites, tears, three pairs of Nike's from all the miles walked to the Glazier playlists on the iPhone you ask. And I will answer. So again I tell you to throttle down and read on...

  • Busy: In the last year I have gone from a wanna be unpublished author to a published author with a budding fan base and their expectations, expected to maintain and build a marketing platform via Facebook, Twitter and a blog. (I love every minute of it!) On top of that I review other books, interview other authors, write guest posts for other blogs, as well as taking on a role with in my publishing house (Astraea Press) and a small collaborative roll with a good friends publishing house. (StoneHouse Ink) (Loving every minute of that as well!) Along with my other familial duties I simply don't have the need time to devote to Glazier to prep it by a March deadline.
  • Timing: I actually think that having it release closer to a summer release date is better since people read more on vacations and such. A May release also enables me to give it the proper focus needed to put my best out there. Since this is my debut novel I want it to be breathtaking and slightly addictive.
  • Patience: I have waited three years to publish this particular novel. I can wait a few more weeks. Taking the time to do Glazier right is providing me with much needed plotting and planning time to get the sequel Venim ready. (shut your mouth your drooling.)
  • The Gut: Honestly it all boiled down to the  feeling that March didn't feel right. Once I talked with my editor she agreed and things just fell into place. If I had any advice to new authors go with the gut. Always!

So my precious Glazier will release in May. Thanks to all my supporters and exercise just a little bit more patience.

Have any of you ever had to do the wise thing and wait for something you really wanted?


  1. Keep reminding us and keep us posted- can't wait to read your book. Life comes up- but you're being published- congrats!!

  2. Thanks Kathleen. I appreciate it. Don't worry I'll keep nagging yall. ;)