Thursday, March 10, 2011

Romance Reader/Author Reads Noir Thriller: Final Vector Review

Reeling from the brutal murder of his wife, air traffic controller Nick Jensen throws himself into his work at Logan International Airport in Boston. Returning to the operations room from a break, he sees three heavily armed men dressed in black fatigues and patrolling the corridors of the supposedly secure FAA facility. After having murdered two armed guards, the terrorists have unfettered access to the control tower while the president of the United States is nearing Logan Airport. To dismantle the terrorist assassination plot, Nick must risk everything. 

A random Pentagon worker married to an air traffic controller dies in a car accident. Seems pretty average right? Wrong! Throw in homegrown terrorists ,you actually relate to, the FBI and a whole lot of conspiracy and you get Final Vector. This novel for me was a first. I've watched the occasional action, conspiracy type movie with the hubster but never read an actual book. Alan has become a good friend online and I really wanted to support his work. Boy am I glad I'm such a good friend or I would have missed out on a great novel! The characters from victim to nemesis were all personable and relatable. The story was quick and fluid. An amazing novel!

You can find more info about Allan Leverone here. And you can purchase his book here.

Thanks for letting me read it Al.



  1. Bri, thank you for stepping outside your comfort zone - I truly appreciate it and am very glad you enjoYed FINAL VECTOR!

  2. Great post, Bri! I'm reading this one soon and I can't wait!

    Michelle V

  3. @Al, Thanks for luring me out of my comfort zone with such a great novel.

    @Michelle, thanks girl. you will love it.