Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Review of Quest for the Nail Prints

As a usual paranormal or thriller reader in my fiction I really was excited to try out some Christian Fiction. It's been a while since I read Christian Fiction. Don't get me wrong I'm a Christian and I read scripture daily...but it had been a while. If every author can pen a tale like Don Furr I'll be remedying that choice promptly.

Upon first thought Quest for the Nail Prints sounded like a biography of a man's journey beginning in Memphis TN (love that cause I'm a TN belle) then all his travels eventually arriving in Israel. When I read the acknowledgments and introduction this further fueled my assumption. Pleasantly surprised it couldn't be farther from the truth.

What do a smelly, wise, obese wisecracking religious studies professor, a twin emergency room physician and a pastor who got his call later in life all have in common? The same thing anyone of us does: Jesus. Quest for the Nail Prints is the story of how these three people come together for a once in the lifetime opportunity, fueled by the faith of ancestors, and spend time with Jesus and the disciples in his last days upon the earth. Their reactions are so human and honest that you can't help but shed tears of triumph in their joy as well as disdain for the traitor Judas. Imagine how you would react if you met Judas Iscariot prior to the crucifixion...can't well read the book then you'll know.

As someone who is indeed knowledgeable of the scriptures and the stories of the New Testament I can confidently say that Furr stayed true to the gospel and used his creative license in a tastefully eloquent and respectful manner. I give this book my full support and encourage you all to click the links highlighted and purchase it immediately.


If you've ever imagined spending time with the Lord Jesus in His time, this energetic and ultimately gut-wrenching thriller may very well be just what the Great Physician ordered. Quest for the Nail Prints by Sheaf House Publishers is a new time-travel thriller by author Don Furr set in the final days of the life of Christ. Three twenty-first century travelers come face to face with the rugged, radical prophet known throughout the land as Jesus of Nazareth and find much more than they ever dreamed possible. And although there literally is a hole punched through the entire book from beginning to end, you'll find it fills some very important "holes in your quest for knowledge and understanding of our Savior's last days.

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