Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Second Tuesday Bootcamp Update: My Stomach Fat Now Has Dimples

So it's my first full week of Boot Camp. I missed Friday cause my little germs I mean kids got me sick. So this week of camp is actually Spring Break. Yes I'm still getting up at 5 am on Spring Break. It really is amazing. I get a lot done around the house and the kids sleep it. Well if I can at least make them stay in their rooms. I'm hooking up a TV and DVD player in the little girls room tonight. They are the worst. Let's do a short update on the fitness, food and weight loss. 

  • Food: So I emailed my food log to my trainer.  With the amount of exercise I do and being a pretty active person anyway I eat about 2,000 cal a day. Jess, the trainer, looks at my log and says to me, "I want you to eat all the colors of the rainbow pertaining to fruits and vegetables. If you do this you will not need snacks like Goldfish." I responded with..."But Goldfish are the colors of the rainbow." He laughed and then said to follow his suggestions. I being the control freak I am decided to start on Monday. LOL
  • Fitness: So the lunges don't hurt anymore and I'm even doing push ups and planks without my knees at times. I've gone beyond that being soar to having more energy phase. I'm so excited it only took 7 days. And 3 I had off! LOL
  • Weight loss: So I am pleased to say that I can tell I've lost weight in my arms, legs and my my stomach. Shirts that were tight in the upper arms are comfortable now and those thigh tight jeans I have are comfy too. But the stomach thing that's the funny part. My belly fat now has dimples .Who knew?! So I'm pressing forward and really enjoying boot camp. I have to say if it wasn't for my partner Rochelle I'd bailed by now. She's such a motivator. 
So anyone out there getting ready for summer with some exercise?


  1. That's great, Bri! It sounds like you are doing wonderfully! Keep it up.

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  3. Thanks Jos...It's not about the weightloss it's about the feeling increase.

    Mik...thanks for the support. Too bad I'm a country away!