Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Writer Wednesday: Guest Blogging Etiquette

 So I've been blogging for a year now and guest blogging for just as long. In my experience I have found there are some expectations of manners that people think but have never put out there that I can find. They are all perfectly acceptable but sometimes we get so busy we don't even think of them. Here are my list of Guest Blogging Etiquette Expectations to practice. FYI I learned these the hard in I was the rude one sometimes.

  •  Turn In At Least Three Days Prior to Publication: By doing this your host can know they can count on your post. They have time to look it over and if revisions are needed or suggestions arise you both have time to go over them.
  • Editing Should Only Be Done by The Author: Unless otherwise noted or permission given you always have the right to expect that you are the one editing your work if revisions need to be made.
  • Keep It Short: This is especially true if they are posting author bio, author picture, buy links, book jackets and info. The average blog readers attention/time span is short...Remember that.
  • Make it Viral: You know the blogger host is marketing her post through her social networks you should do the same.
Has anyone else had experience in guest blogging they want to share? Good, bad, or the ugly....


  1. Should go without saying, but do not use foul language on another's blog. Also, keep it "G" rated all the way around. And don't insult anyone by name, or specific groups as it's not your blog, and the blogger may be friends with people that you are not.

  2. For hosts: if you moderate comments, check them frequently when you have a guest. Visitors could be confused if their comments don't show.

  3. Thanks for the added idea Ro and Jose. Great thoughts